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Personal Injury

Our clients have been hurt in a wide variety of settings including car crashes, motorcycle and bicycle riders struck by cars, trip and falls on uneven sidewalks or in poorly maintained stores, slip and falls due to slippery floors or spills, dog bites, and assaults. We also represent victims of medical malpractice.


Assistive Tools

 3D Animation Reconstructs Offer Various Perspectives.

After his client was struck head-on by an oncoming vehicle the Law Offices of Ronald J. Fomalont had this visual reconstruction of the incident created. Click here to view the animation.

Recovery Payment

We advance all of the case related expenses (obtaining medical records, filing a lawsuit if necessary, sometimes using an investigator, etc.) until the end of your case, and our fee, a percentage of the eventual recover, is only paid at the end. If there is no recovery for some reason, you owe no fee.

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“Ron immediately put me at ease. He made my case clear and understandable. His hard work and compassion got me a great settlement, beyond my expectations. He always listened to my concerns, saw me through two hip replacement surgeries and I am able to work pain free. I can retire now and live a wonderful life thanks to Ron. I would recommend him highly because he is there for you!”

Donna J.

After my traumatic car accident, I didn’t know what to do or who to contact.  I wanted an attorney who was both proactive, and responsive to my needs and questions.  I found Ron; and could not be more satisfied with his representation and the positive outcome of my case.  I highly recommend his services.

Judy V.

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