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Personal Injury

At the Law Offices of Ronald Fomalont we represent individuals who have been injured due to the fault of others.

Our clients have been hurt in a wide variety of settings including car crashes, motorcycle and bicycle riders struck by cars, trip and falls on uneven sidewalks or in poorly maintained stores, slip and falls due to slippery floors or spills, dog bites, and assaults. We also represent victims of medical malpractice.

If you were injured in a hit and run car collision we can represent you in an uninsured motorist claim. If your car, motorcycle, or bicycle was damaged, or even totaled, in a crash we can help you with that.

Our representation includes handling paperwork and forms for you, making recommendations to healthcare providers  in virtually any specialty, almost anywhere in California, and monitoring your medical treatment. If you cannot afford to pay for your treatment we can suggest providers who will wait until your case is concluded before they are paid.

We advance all of the case related expenses (obtaining medical records, filing a lawsuit if necessary, sometimes using an investigator, etc.) until the end of your case, and our fee, a percentage of the eventual recover, is only paid at the end. This way you do not need to pay anything up front. And, if there is no recovery for some reason, you owe no fee.

Here are some examples of cases that we have successfully handled:


  • A family of three who were passengers on a city bus that was struck by a train in Orange County
  • A mother and son severely injured when a car failed to yield at a stop sign in Beverly Hills
  • A U.S. park ranger injured when a driver came around a curve on a mountain road on the wrong side of the highway in the Sierras
  • A Los Angeles resident who tripped in an unmarked open trench at a neighbor’s home remodel
  • A food inspector who tripped and fell at a food processing plant in the Central Valley
  • A family of four visiting from Arizona who were injured when their car was struck by an L.A. County Sheriff’s vehicle

 3D Animation Reconstructs Offer Various Perspectives.

After his client was struck head-on by an oncoming vehicle the Law Offices of Ronald J. Fomalont had this visual reconstruction of the incident created.  Click here to view the animation.


 Sample Case Result

His client tripped and fell over a badly constructed pipe. Ron was successful in resolving her case. Click here to view the info.

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